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What Goes Around... - Comes Around (Interlude)

Song: What Goes Around… – Comes Around (Interlude)
Written By:
J. Timberlake; T. Mosley; N. Hills

Hey Girl
Is he everything you wanted in a man?
You know I gave you the world
You had me in the palm of your hand
So why your love went away
I just can’t seem to understand
Thought it was me and you, baby
Me and you until the end
But I guess I was wrong


Don’t wanna think about it
Don’t wanna talk about it
I’m just so sick about it
I can’t believe it’s ending this way
Just so confused about it
Feeling the blues about it
I just can’t do without ya
Tell me is this fair

Is this the way it’s really going down?
Is this how we say goodbye?
Should’ve known better when you came around
That you were gonna make me cry
It’s breaking my heart to watch you run around
Cause I know that you’re living a lie
But that’s ok, baby, cause in time you will find

What goes around, goes around, goes around
comes all the way back around


Now Girl
I remember everything that you claimed
You said that you were moving on now (on now)
Maybe I should do the same (maybe I should do the same)
The funny thing about that is
I was ready to gave you my name
Thought it was me and you baby (baby)
And now, it’s all just a shame
And I guess I was wrong

[Bridge Repeat]

[PreChorus Repeat]

[Chorus Repeat]

What goes around comes around
What goes around comes around
You should know that

[Bridge Repeat]

[PreChorus Repeat]

[Chorus Repeat]

Let me paint this picture for ya, baby


You spend your nights alone
And he never comes home
And everytime you call him, all you get is a busy tone
I heard you found out
That he’s doing to you
What you did to me
Ain’t that’s the way it goes

When you cheated, girl
My heart bleeded, girl
So it goes without saying that you left me feeling hurt
Just a classic case, is scenario
Tale is old as time
Girl, you got what you deserved

And now you want somebody
To cure the lonely nights
You wish you had somebody
That could come and make it right
But girl, I ain’t somebody
with a lot of sympathy

What goes around comes back around
I thought I told ya, ey(ey)

You should’ve listened to me, baby

(Hey girl, because)
What goes around comes back around

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