Losing My Way

(Another Song) All Over Again

Song: (Another Song) All Over Again
Written By:
J. Timberlake; M.Morris

You've been alone
You've been afraid
I've been a fool
In so many ways
But I would change my life
If you thought you might try to love me


So please give me another chance
To write you another song
And take back those things I've done
'Cause I'll give you my heart
If you would let me start all over again

I'm not a saint
I'm just a man
Who had heaven and earth in the palm of his hand
But I threw it away
So now I stand here today asking forgiveness
And if you could just

[Chorus Repeat]

Little girl, you're all I've got
Don't you leave me standing here once again
Cause I'll give you my life, yes, I would
If you would let me try to love you

[Chorus Repeat]

Again, oh
No no
oh oh

You know I love you (yeah)
Give me one more chance
No No
No No No No

Losing My Way