Let's Have A Party
Song: Let’s Have A Party
Length: 4:00
Written By: Mookie;Dave McPherson;Jeff Sledge;Kenyatta Galbreth;C.J. Trevett;K. Gamble;L. Huff

[Nick] It’s getting to hot fellas
[AJ] Oh, Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our company
[Nick] What you wanna do?
[Howie D] I wanna have a party, do you wanna have a party?
[Nick]I wanna have a party, you wanna have a party?
[Howie D] Y’all wanna have a party?
[AJ] Who wants to have a party?
[Howie D] Let’s get this party started oh oh oh oh
[Brian] Let’s have a party

Oh yeah
Yo Howie D
What’s up baby
I want a party with the people here tonight
You’re ready for this
It’s time to change the flavor up

Let’s have a party (oh come on everybody)
Let’s have a party (dont you feel it too)
Everybody (oh Yeah)
Let’s have a party (first one Nick check it out babe)

I’ve been watching you
You’ve been watching me
Let’s stop playing games girl
Come and dance with me
Don’t you feel the music
Don’t you feel the groove
I said come on get down girl
‘Cause I wanna dance with you

Let’s have a party (Yeah, oh, Don’t you feel it baby)
Let’s have a party (I wanna get down, yeah)
Everybody (Oh, C’mon yeah)
Let’s have a party (part two check it out)

I said Girl I must be dreamin’
have a night like this
we’re holding hands, being close
We’re shavin’ our first kiss
You really blow my mind
I can’t believe it’s true
C’mon everybody
I wanna, I wanna get down with you yeah yeah

Let’s have a party (put your hands in the air like this everybody c’mon)
Let’s have a party
Let’s have a party

Looking baby we ain’t doing no wrong
Let me tell you what’s goin’ on
Hey¡ a __________ colored tree (¿?)
Everybody come and dance with me

Let’s have a party
Let’s have a party

If I Don’t Have You/I’ll Never Break Your Heart