Last Night

Still On My Brain

Song: Still On My Brain
Written By:
D. Thomas;Justin Timberlake;Mason, H. Jr.

Beautiful days are long gone
I can’t seem to breathe
Feels like it hasn’t been that long
Since you walked away from me
Now I can try to act real strong
But you and I both know
I still think of you that way
And you should know that…


Beautiful lights, the star-filled nights
They don’t mean a thing
‘Cause you are my star
So it don’t seem right
Without you here with me
Now I can try to act real strong
But you and I both know
It’s hard for me to say you were my soul

Now I could say that I don’t love you no more
And I could say that I’ve closed the door… for our love
And I could tell you I feel it’s time for us
To go our separate ways
But baby I just wouldn’t be the same
‘Cause girl you’re love is still on my brain

Now when you’re in love it takes time to heal
When someone has broken your heart it changes how you feel
Girl I… thought that you’d never do me that way
But even after all I still think of you that way, yeah
No, no…

[Chorus Repeat]

Now love is a game
That we both like to play
Will I win or lose if I go or if I stay, yeah
Even though I try to hide
My broken heart inside
Girl you know me inside out
And I can’t get you off my mind

[Chorus Repeat]

Last Night