Last Night

Nothin' Else

Song: Nothin’ Else
Written By:
Chad Hugo;Justin Timberlake;Pharrell Williams

I was just walking that day aimlessly
You picked the perfect day to bump into me
Probably should have watched the stars in the sky
the night before (Heeey)
But for some reason
We still met at your store
You baby!


Your eyes have a story that they wish to tell
And I have my whole life and I listen well
Hey, look ill be ur confidant
Tell me anything
But please start it off with how you tuck your wings


Theres nothing else that I have seen
Theres no getting around it or in between
Your out of this world except your not green
Look, you don’t know what you mean to me

To me…

All my friends meet you and say your the one
(Your the one, your the one)
And all my meaningless friendships should be done
(I should just leave them alone) Baby he-hey
You had a friend but he did you wrong
But I ‘m a God sent sign that reads (Sign…)
Please move on with me (Please… With me…)
You taught me to use my heart and forget my eyes
(Use my heart, forget my eyes, oooh)
And that’s the way to his kingdom to eternal life
Since your an angel baby your jobs never done
Too bad the world won’t see you when they dail 9-1-1
that’s why

[Chorus Repeat x2]

Theres nothing else in this world (nothin’ else)
Like you (yeah)
So why is it so complicated? (So complicated)
What are you afraid of?


I ‘ve been asking everybody what they think
But I don’t know why beacuse they don’t know you
I ‘m even askin’ other guys what would they say
I don’t know what ‘cause they don’t do what I do
Girl, let’s save the ultimatum for you
But you’d probably take that and just run
Now I gotta just decide if I ‘ma help raise your mind
See the ultimatums or me that’s no fun

I was just walking that day aimlessly…
Da da da dum
Da da da dum
Da da da dum dum dum dum…
Da da da dum oooh, oh, oh oh….

Last Night