NeverGone Song: Never Gone
Length: 3:48
Written By: Gary Baker; Kevin Richardson; Steve Diamond

I really miss you
There’s something that I gotta say
The things we did
The things we said
Keep coming back to me and make me smile again
You showed me how, to face the truth
Every things that’s good in me I owe to you

Though the distance that’s between us now may seem to be to far
It will never separate us deep inside I know you are

Never Gone, never far in my heart is where you are
Always close, everyday, every step along the way
Even though for now we’ve got to say goodbye
I know you will be forever in my life (Yeah)
Never gone (no no no no no)

I walk alone, these empty streets
There is not a second you’re not here with me
The love you gave, the grace you’ve shown
Will always give me strength and be my corner stone

So how you found a way to see the best I have in me
As long as time goes on, I swear to you that you will be

[Chorus Repeat]

If theres one thing I believe
I believe
I will see you somewhere down the road again

[Chorus Repeat 2x]